Organising the Mediation Venue

The Venue

It is the parties' responsibility to source and organise a suitable Mediation Venue.

Ideally, the Mediation Venue should be in Harrow Town Centre or Central London within a 10 minute walk from an underground station.

Please note that we do not currently provide Zoom Remote Mediation.

The choice of a suitable mediation venue for a mediation or series of days of mediation can make a significant difference to the success of mediation. The parties need to be in comfortable surroundings with good facilities and refreshments provided throughout the day.

The rooms need to be private and separate.

There should be one room for each party and their representatives and usually one larger room of sufficient size to accommodate all attendees.

The individual party rooms must be adequate to accommodate the party, their representatives, and the Mediator who will shuttle between the rooms.

Internal rooms with no outside light can be less conducive for mediation.

Rooms in close proximity or adjacent might only be appropriate if they have good soundproofing.

Mediation is flexible. On occasion, mediation can last longer than the sessions booked, and the parties should consider this when booking the venue as to whether they wish to book a slightly more extended period to take such circumstances into account.

If the venue is booked for longer than the mediation booking, the parties should inform the Mediator. The Mediator's overtime rates will apply for an extension to the booked mediation session.

Refreshments such as tea, coffee, fruit juice and water should be available regularly throughout the day in the rooms.

Lunch should be provided for all those attending, including the Mediator and any assistant. Lunch is usually sent to the private rooms. The Mediator may work with the parties throughout lunch.

Any special dietary requirements should be ascertained by the parties beforehand.

The parties should ascertain if an attendee has access requirements beforehand, as this might inform the parties of the type of venue booking.

The parties are directly and jointly responsible for finding, booking and making all the arrangements in relation to the venue, facilities, refreshments and food, and this is at their equal and joint expense. It is up to the parties to make these arrangements between themselves and to arrange payment.

The parties should also consider industrial action in relation to transport links.

The Mediator and the alexander christian are not liable for these costs.

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