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Mediation Fee Summary

Due Diligence

Admin Fee

Information Meeting

Mediation Session

Money claims below £100,000.


Follow Up Session

** vat is currently charged at 20%


Please call for rates:

** vat is currently charged at 20%

Zoom Mediation

Please note that we do not currently provide Zoom Remote Mediation.

Mediation: Compliance Risk and Financial Checks

Due Diligence

What is Due Diligence?

We are compelled by law and regulations to:

Why is this necessary?

The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, and the Sanction Regimes apply to all firms.

Legal regulators require firms to know the participants to mediation. (Even though Mediation is not a legal service we are still required to comply with the legal regulators and the Law.) The firm can be subject to fines and imprisonment for not complying and thus we seek your cooperation in undertaking these checks.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the legal regulators have been particularly robust in ensuring that firms carry out relevant checks.

If you have instructed a solicitor in the last 2 years you will be familiar with the compliance checks generally required, you might also have noticed similar types of checks are carried out by conveyancers, accountants, and financial institutions such as banks, building societies, investments providers and auction houses.

We are required to verify identity and address, whether you are an individual and/or an entity(such as a sole trader, partnership, company, trust, charity, etc).  

Can a previous due diligence check be sent to us?

No, we cannot place reliance on such checks, we are required to undertake our own checks.

What do you need to do?

What does it cost?

Mandatory Risk and Compliance checks – administrative charges

Can we inform you of the outcome of such checks or give you obtain a copy?

No, we cannot provide you with a copy of the checks, or the outcome.

If we are not able to proceed, we might not be able to inform you of the reason why as this could be regarded as tipping off or some other crime.  

Do people object to completing these checks?

We have not found any reluctance by people who want to us our services. We cannot proceed to an information Meeting or Mediation Session without the parties co-operating with the checks and requests for information.

What do Litigation Law Firms ask for?

Having regard to the legal regulatory guidance it is likely that you will be asked to provide information and documentation pursuant to the individual firm’s anti-money laundering, compliance, and financial sanction onboarding policy. They are also likely to charge you for undertaking such checks.

** vat is currently charged at 20%

Mediation Fees

Information Meetings

Before you can book an Information Meeting you must comply with our Due Diligence requirements.  Administrative charges apply.

Why Should I book an Information Meeting?

Most people are aware of what happens at court, and what a court looks like.

But you might not be aware of what happens during a Mediation Session. Instead of it being a surprise on the day, we would suggest that you book an Information Meeting so that we can provide you with information.

It also gives you a no obligation opportunity to consider if our mediation service is right for you and the other party.

You can bring your solicitor along if you require. (We will need the name of your solicitor in advance as we will have to check that they are registered at the Law Society, this is part of Due Diligence.)

What is included in the Information Meetings?

** vat is currently charged at 20%

What is not included and exclusions:

The aforementioned is subject to the firm’s terms and conditions of business.

Mediation Session

Due Diligence

Prior to booking a Mediation session, if not already done all participants and attendees to a Mediation must comply with our due diligence requests and checks. Please note the administrative charges apply.

Mediation sessions can be booked either for:

Mediation Sessions: Two Party Only

Both parties should have agreed to attend mediation.

For a Mediation Session in which a monetary value can be attached (usually Property Disputes Mediation and Money Disputes Mediation)

Fixed Fee – half day – where the claim value is under £100,000 (calculated on the basis of the combined claim and counterclaim value, plus the legal costs and court fee claimed)

What is included:

** vat is currently charged at 20%

What is not included and exclusions:

The aforementioned is subject to the firm’s terms and conditions of business.

Fixed Fee – One day –where the claim value is under £100,000 (calculated on the basis of the combined claim and counterclaim value, plus the legal costs and court fee claimed)

What is included:

Fixed Fee:

The aforementioned is subject to the firm’s terms and conditions of business.

** vat is currently charged at 20%

Claims More Than £100,000

For claims more than £100,000 contact us.  

Workplace / Non-Monetary Value/ Multi-Party Mediation

For disputes without a monetary value, or multi-party disputes, please contact us.

Follow-up Meetings

Fixed Fee

What is not covered in the fixed fee

See the terms and conditions of business.


Each additional hour to include part of the hour
Hourly rate £200 plus vat** per party

** vat is currently charged at 20%

Our history

The Principal of the firm has a LLB (Hons.), LLM (Masters in Law), Legal Practice Course at the College of Law, has undertaken a Will Writing Course, is a (Resolution First for Families Trained) Family Mediator all issues, a trained Civil & Commercial Mediator, a trained Workplace and Interpersonal Mediator. The Principal is a member of CMC (Civil Mediation Council), IMI (International Mediation Institute), and CIarb (Chartered Institute of Mediators).

The Principal has completed several professional development courses/ webinars in the area of family law, general civil and has an interest in risk, compliance, and anti-money laundering.

The Principal is a member of the Law Society Risk and Compliance Community, the International Compliance Association (ICA) and the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS) . The Principal is a certified ICA Internal Auditor in Compliance Management Systems, ICA certificate in KYC/CDD, ICA Essentials Course in Managing Sanctions Risks and Anti-Money Laundering, and ICA courses in SARs (Suspicious Activity Reporting). The Principal has completed a specialist course in Anti-Money Laundering Auditing.

The Principal worked as a solicitor for over 30 years, initially with a mixed caseload of civil (personal injury, housing disputes, general civil work, debt collection, and family law), then specialised in family law; working with a mixed client base of legal aid and private clients from all walks of life. For over 20 years, the Principal has only worked with private paying clients who were Low to Middle Net Worth. The Principal has acted for hundreds of clients from all walks of life - from employees, self-employed, business owners, and other professionals - such as bankers, teachers, doctors, police, emergency services, people who work for the forces, transport workers, nursery managers, nurses, and solicitors, and homemakers, etc.

The firm no longer undertakes Family Law Work and has transitioned to Mediation Services. The Principal is committed to reducing conflict and looking at non-court resolutions. The movement towards alternative methods of resolution and non-court resolution is something that the judiciary, the government, ACAS, and Heads of Business and Industry support.

Later in 2024, the firm will provide AML (file reviews and outsourced independent auditing services to firms).

The Firm serves the local areas of Pinner, Pinner Green, Pinner High Street, Harrow, Harrow-on-the-hill, North Harrow, West Harrow, South Harrow, Rayners Lane, Hatch End, Headstone Manor, Wealdstone, Eastcote, Roxeth,  Northwood, Northwood Hills, Ruislip, North Wembley, Wembley, Stanmore, Kenton, Kingsbury, Middlesex, Hertfordshire, London and surrounding areas.

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