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* Source: CDER

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ADR/Mediation Agreement

Civil & Commercial Mediation

Mediation uses a neutral mediator to help parties in conflict negotiate and reach an agreement that works for both sides. This approach fosters open communication, encourages constructive dialogue, and can be particularly beneficial in complex or emotional legal disputes. The cost-effective and confidential nature of mediation makes it a compelling alternative to litigation. Ultimately, mediation generates successful resolutions by generating mutual trust and calm discussions that promote a resolution rather than confrontation.

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Inter-personal Mediation

Interpersonal Mediation

Interpersonal mediation is a constructive approach to resolving conflicts between individuals who have a personal connection. It involves providing a safe and neutral space for everyone to express their concerns and find common ground. The goal is to preserve relationships through understanding and empathy, focusing on long-term outcomes rather than immediate resolution or legal outcomes.

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Workplace Medation

Workplace Mediation

Workplace and Employment Mediation provides a glimmer of hope for those stuck in unhappy jobs. It creates a safe environment where employees can openly communicate their concerns without fear of judgment or retaliation. Mediators facilitate discussions to ensure everyone is heard and understood, fostering empathy among colleagues. Through dialogue, mediation helps identify root causes and encourages constructive problem-solving. It rebuilds trust and promotes a positive work culture, acknowledging the complexity of conflicts.

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Anti-money laundering (AML)
Anti-Money Laundering file review

Anti-money Laundering File Reviews

In 2024, our firm is preparing to launch the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) File Review Service specifically catered to law firms. As a crucial aspect of combating financial crimes and ensuring compliance with regulatory obligations, AML measures have become increasingly important in recent years. Recognising the complex challenges faced by law firms in identifying potential money laundering activities, our new service aims to help firms strengthen their anti-money laundering efforts. Please revisit this website in 2024.

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Getting stuck in a fight can really hold you back from moving forward in a positive way. But don't worry, we have a special service called Mediation that can help! It's all about helping people talk to each other and find a solution that works for everyone. Instead of going to court and waiting for years, Mediation can be done in just a day or a few weeks. And the best part is, you get to decide what happens instead of a judge telling you what to do. You can even bring your lawyer along to give you advice if you need it. So, even if you don't solve everything in Mediation, it can still help you start on the path to finding a solution. And guess what? It's way cheaper than going to court! So why not give Mediation a try?

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Compulsory small claims mediation to go live
May 22, 2024

"Mediation will become mandatory in some money disputes worth less than £10,000 filed from 22 May,..."

Nearly 40% of dirty money is laundered in London and UK crown dependencies
May 14, 2024

"Deputy foreign secretary urges Cayman and British Virgin Islands to implement UK law requiring public registers of funds"

Accountants fined £99k for breaking AML rules
Apr 5, 2024

"Tax advisers and accountancy firms have been fined £98,870 for breaches of anti money laundering (AML) regulations with just one company appealing the fine"

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