Your Choices

April 6, 2023

Your Choices

When people are considering a divorce or a separation, they often feel that they are without choices.

They might feel swept along with the emotion of the break-up.

You might wish to consider whether a reconciliation is possible.

You might need to consider the implications of separation, the division of your family assets, and importantly the arrangements for the children. 

There are different ways in dealing with a relationship break-down. 

  1. Dealing with the initial stages between yourselves
  2. Enlisting family and friends to asset with the initial stages
  3. Mediation 
  4. Solicitor Negotiation
  5. Solicitor negotiation with counsel 
  6. Solicitors negotiation with a round table meeting with counsel 
  7. Private Financial Dispute Resolution Hearing
  8. Arbitration
  9. Courts
  10. Collabortive Law
  11. Direct access barrister

If you would like to consider your family law issue and your possible options to an amicable resolution then contact us.

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