What is a Form E

April 6, 2023

What is a Form E

A Form E is a financial statement.

It forms an important part of financial disclosure in Financial Remedy Proceedings at the court.

Both spouses are required to complete a Form E. It is a pivotal part of negotiations.

Spouses have a duty to the court to provided full frank and clear financial disclosure and other relevant information and this is a rolling duty throughout the process.

It is important to gather the financial information as soon as possible as some financial information via third parties can take time to obtain i.e. pension information. It is important that the process of gathering information, and the essential documentation is not rushed and you give it proper consideration.

You will be required to verify the truth and accuracy of your Form E by signing a Statement of Truth.

A failure to give full and accurate disclosure may result in any order the court makes being set aside.

Early settlement may be possible if both parties provide full, frank and clear financial disclosure early in the process.

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