Some Pinner and Northwood residents are without water after an interruption to the water supply in the HA5 and HA6 areas.

December 22, 2022

"Interruption to your water supply - Northwood, Pinner, Ruislip, Harrow - HA5, HA6, WD18, WD19, WD23

We're very sorry you don't have any water. We know that your water supply has been impacted over the past few days.

We’ve been working hard to replenish the water in your local reservoir, adjusting our network to bring in water from other areas and using tankers to top-up the reservoir. During this time, our customers will still experience no water or low pressure.  

Bottled water

The quickest way to get water is to collect some from drive-through collection points in your area. We’ll give you enough water based on how many people live in your home. To keep you safe, these sites will be manned with water placed in the boot of your car."

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