Recruitment vs mediation

July 25, 2023

When it comes to resolving workplace conflicts, there are two main approaches to consider - rehiring and mediation - with each option carrying its own set of costs. Rehiring an employee who has left due to conflict can be an expensive endeavour for businesses. Firstly, there are recruitment costs such as advertising the position, screening resumes, and conducting interviews. Additionally, there may be training costs involved if the replacement needs to be on-boarded and trained from scratch. On the other hand, mediation offers a less costly alternative by utilising a neutral third party to help resolve conflicts between employees. While mediation sessions will still incur some expenses, such as hiring a mediator or allocating resources for meetings and discussions, these costs are typically lower than the expenses associated with rehiring. Moreover, mediation promotes open communication and collaboration among employees while preserving existing relationships within the organisation. Ultimately, the cost-effective approach of mediation can often lead to amicable resolutions and a more harmonious work environment in the long run.

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