New Justice Reforms to Free up Court Capacity

August 2, 2023

Following a consultation launched last year, the Government is committed to integrating mediation into the court system for small civil claims valued up to £10,000. This is the Government’s first step to simplifying the process for civil cases.

The Government will start with specified money claims, “which make up 80% of small claims.” Specified money claims include claims like a homeowner suing their builder.

It is estimated by the Ministry of Justice that the greater use of mediation will have a “positive effect on up to 92,000 cases per year. This would free up to 5,000 hours” of court time, free up court capacity and reduce waiting times for more complex cases.

CEDR: “The success and satisfaction rates of the current small claims mediation service has shown how mediation can bring those benefits to parties involved in small claims.”

The New Justice Reforms will help parties to resolve their disputes out of court, reducing costs and removing unnecessary stress from court cases.

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