Korean netizens react to news that FIFTY FIFTY's case was referred for mediation

August 2, 2023

Fifty Fifty is a South Korean girl group formed in 2022.

Trouble began in late June when the group's existing Music Label accused “outside forces of attempting to poach the group…” On June 19, “the Group filed a lawsuit against [their Music Label] to have their contracts suspended.”

The group has asked to terminate its exclusive contract with its Music Label on “the grounds that the agency violated it. Such allegations could have serious implications for the [Music Label] and potentially lead to significant changes in how K-pop agencies operate.”

The FIFTY FIFTY incident is now entering a new phase where the court has referred the case to mediation. This means both parties will try to reach an agreement through mutual understanding. It represents a turning point, shifting focus from litigation to negotiation and compromise.



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