Celebrity Mediation – Let’s Stop Wining!!!

July 28, 2023

TMZ (27th July 2023) reports that Brad Pitt andAngelina Jolie are “burying the hatchet in their winery battle.”

It is “reported that Angelina went to court in July 2021 andtold a judge she had reached an agreement to sell her interest to an unnamedperson…Brad says in September 2021 he agreed to allow Angela to move forwardwith a potential sale…”

However, sometime later “Brad says he was shocked to learn asubsidiary of a famous vodka company…bought Angelina’s interest in the vineyard…so,he sued in an attempt to get a judge to undo the deal.”

TMZ states that both parties have been “checking the boxindicating a willingness to go to mediation for a long time…. Brad and Angelinahave agreed to mediation as a means to settle their dispute over a Frenchvineyard.”


TMZ 27 July 2023


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